Hello Everybody I hope you're all fine well i have some questions about shanks

1/ I would like to know if Shanks the red hair has a child, because according to the manga one sees that Makino carries a child with red hair and I would like to know if it is really the son of shanks

2/Is there an awakening of Haki just like the fruits of the devil? Since shanks could come from the new world against kaidou to Marine Ford very quickly without anybody knows that it arrived and luffy almost died when he was child in drowning because of the Bandit there A throw in the water, shanks came from nowhere so it's haki?

3/Can haki control the elements? What about the weather? I give several examples of shanks because he is one of my favorite. Shanks is seen at the beginning of the manga sitting on an island with his crew and Mihawk comes to visit him bringing him the luffy search wanted and the before he shows him the wanted search the sky was black and all And when he saw luffy's wanted search  the sky became clear, is there any explanation for all this?

Did Shanks eat a Devil fruit ? because the 3 others Yonko ate a devil fruit so ?

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